Guernsey Therapy Group are on the front line helping our community battle against COVID-19. Our staff play a vital role in the Princess Elizabeth Hospital helping to get patients well and back in their homes again.

Phase 5 – From 20/06/2020

As the Bailiwick enters phase 5, our services are now returning to normal.

If you have been referred by your doctor or specialist you can expect to receive contact from us in the coming weeks about starting treatment.

If you need a private appointment, call us on 232900 during business hours and we will arrange something for you right away.


Phase 4 – Is GTG in operation? (From 30/05/2020)


We are now beginning to see patients for face-to-face appointments once again with strict hygiene procedures in place. If you need an appointment, call us during business hours on 232900 and our friendly reception team will be happy to help you.

We are still offering telehealth (video/phone) consultations for those who are unable to attend in person.

Many of our staff are essential workers in keeping our community healthy during the pandemic. All of our staff are trained in essential roles within the Princess Elizabeth Hospital with the goal of getting people well quickly and back in their homes. We care for patients in ICU, assist with breathing and get them mobile and strong for returning home. Many of our usual services within the PEH are returning to operation also.


For more information about coronavirus in Guernsey, visit:

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